What is RESH Research | About Joey Von Nessen, Ph.D - Research Economist

Just as marketing and research go hand-in-hand, RESH can not only market your company, but we have the unique ability to provide your company with a wide variety of research services that will help you make wise, informed decisions for your business. Our on staff PhD economist Joey Von Nessen specializes in market evaluations and is fully equipped to provide you with as much information as you need. Research helps your company find its niche in a market and gives you a clear idea of whom you are marketing to and how you should go about doing it. This research ultimately increases your profitability, which is never a bad thing. Our many research abilities can even be customized on a per-case basis, so you only get the information that is relevant to you and how this information should be used. RESH is not simply throwing a report in your face and leaving you to sort out the details. Our experts will sit down with you and discuss what each number means and how it affects your business. You will get a full understanding of just how important research can be to a rising company. Luck always favors the prepared, and we at RESH make sure you get all the prep you need to shine.

Some of our research capabilities include but are not limited to:
Opportunity Identification
Market Analysis
Quantifying Competition
Strategic Positioning
Determining Target Markets
Behavioral Econometric Applications
Descriptive Statistics
Econometric Modeling
Market Evaluation
Impact Studies
Feasibility Reports
Quarterly Economic Updates

Sample RESH Report